I wish I could have had this guy in college

Dr. Adams, who outraged many people a couple of weeks ago by describing his favorite firearms, takes aim this week at PeTA.
Ahh, tenure must be a wonderful thing to have. I just have a feeling that despite that, UNCW will find a way to be rid of him soon. If there’s one thing colleges hate, it’s publicity that can be seen as anything but overwhelmingly positive.


I now manage another Orkut community. Slashdot Trolls. Hey, now, it was unowned, now it’s mine. I’ll probably lose my account, like when I joined the goatse community. Hmm.
Oh, if you’s ain’t got an orkut membership, drop me an e-mail, and I’ll give da invite.
#757 peeps…join Slashdot Trolls, aight?

Apples to Apples

Investor’s Business Daily has an article comparing Bush’s first term with Clinton’s first term.
Even with 9/11 (the excuse for Republican misstep), economically, Bush was better.
The economy doesn’t suck, y’all. Va. reported the other day the highest number of jobs ever. The Democrats don’t necessarily do a better job with the economy. The tax cuts did help things. But really, any government effects on the economy are the responsibility of the Fed. There’s not much the president and congress can do, despite their protestations otherwise.
I do still take issue with the enormous budget deficits run up by the Republicans. Shuttup about 9/11. I understand that the Homeland Security reorganization is expensive. But it doesn’t account for the other wasteful spending that’s occurred. Funding old men’s Viagra doesn’t have a thing to do with national security or fighting terrorism. Neither does a 50% increase in Federal education spending; that number should be zero — the feds shouldn’t be involved in education.

It\’s on….

Broncos, Eagles, Bears, Falcons, and Rams open camp today. Hall-of-Fame Game is thirteen days away. I’m pumped.
#757 Peeps (and anyone else who wants to participate)….
I’m going to set up the fantasy league again. I’d like to, you know, actually start with week one this week. If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail. Aiming for ten people, will do it with nine, and will take up to twelve. We can either do the free Yahoo jank, or do one of the pay ones where you can win prizes (ESPN or CBS/Sportsline). If peeps want to do the pay thing, that’s fine, I can spring to get it set up, but I’d appreciate it if people will chip in.


Two old chicks in a Mustang, driving cross country….typical Thelma & Louise antics. Their secret? Depends.