Air America, Orkut

So, my community, “Air America Deathwatch” appears to have been deleted by Orkut. I’m sure someone probably reported it as bogus, but I didn’t get thrown in Orkut Jail, which tends to happen over these kinds of things.
I decided to look a bit more at Air America’s ratings now, since they’ve managed to be on the air six months now…..
Minneapolis/St. Paul
Air America is on KSMM/WMIN. KSTP and WCCO are the big talkers in the market.
Al Franken and his Public Radio gigglebitch are both from Minnesota.
KSTP and WCCO have a combined 12.8. KSMM and WMIN have a combined 0.8.
In New York City, WLIB is back to where it was before AA made it the flagship station (it was broadcasting in like Korean, I think), and WABC still has over three times as many listeners.
Yep, this is a successful operation.
And once again, it proves not that liberals can’t do talk radio — that’s not what it proves at all. It proves that radio amateurs can’t do talk radio.
Alan Colmes is a good talk show host. I much prefer him to some of the right-wing idiots (hello, mister weiner!). Al Franken is a shitty talk show host, saddled with a public radio leech who whispers into her tinny low-budget microphone.
Randi Rhodes is barely adequate. She’s maybe good enough to handle an afternoon show in a mid-sized market.
Don’t get me started on the other hosts, it’s just not worth the effort to type….


Zataran’s has started selling rice bowl jibbies, ala, Uncle Ben’s. I’ve been trying them out… The jambalayas are a bit over-seasoned, as most commercial Cajun food is. But they’re still pretty good for frozen food.
The red beans and rice, however, are actually really good! Like, I’ve been unimpressed with most commercial red beans and rice offereings (Popeyes’ are pretty pathetic), but these are actually pretty close to what you’d make, or get in a place on the Gulf Coast.
I’m awake. I ended up having to go back to work this morning. It sucked. Then I had a weird dream (actually, it’s one that I wouldn’t mind having come true, but I won’t share…tough), and woke up from that.
I should attempt to go back to sleep, I think. Imma be worthless at work tonight.

In search of…..

Glenn Beck said a few months ago that John Kerry takes the headlines of the day, and disagrees with them.
Mark Steyn, who’s quickly becoming one of my favorite columnists, points this out in a column. But it’s more insidious than just disagreement.

I win!

I keep logs open with tail for a reason…..
From exim’s mainlog:
2004-09-25 08:12:59 1CBBQ9-000E5k-Pc [] F= rejected after DATA: This message scored 96.1 points. This has been logged. You will be reported to spam-fighting agencies. If you have received this message in error, mail postmaster@[my domain] with the IP of your mail server in the subject.
From /var/log/maillog:
Sep 25 08:12:58 norfolk spamd[54186]: checking message <1011353435994.1011259033049.25510.2.140759@scheduler> for nobody:65534.
Sep 25 08:12:59 norfolk spamd[54186]: identified spam (96.1/5.0) for nobody:65534 in 1.2 seconds, 17140 bytes.
Unfortunately, due to the way I have exim/exiscan configured, I don’t have a copy of this message to prove it. :-/
But that could have been the biggest piece of spam, ever!

See, there\’s always a bright side!

If Kerry is elected president, I can get one of these nifty bumper stickers.
Woke up in the middle of the day today for who knows what reason. This weekend is going to suck majorly. I have to replace the guts of one of the air machines. I really probably ought to do both of them this weekend, the more I think about it. Ugh. Hopefully, though, they’ll be as reliable as the machines I did a couple of months ago. Moving into the 21st century on the hardware front. Yay.

r1c3r l00n1>

So, I’ve installed gentoo on my notebook. Why? I’m fucking bored, and don’t have a girlfriend to play with instead. takes a long fucking time to compile.
There was some other reason I installed it, but I can’t remember what that is, at the moment.