Well, wonderful, peaceful activists decided to invade the Liberty Tax headquarters in Virginia Beach. In the process of trespassing on private property, two Liberty employees were injured.
These thugs, aside from being fundamentally against American principles, ought to be investigated under RICO and anti-terrorism measures. You can’t just go and break into somebody’s office if you don’t like their business practices.
They also show disrespect to the laws of the City of Virginia Beach. You want to be in charge? Obey the laws, and work within them to change things.
Don’t be thugs.
I hope Mr. Hewitt recovers lots of money from these thugs. I hope they spend some time in jail for the injuries they inflicted on people who were just doing their jobs.

Workers\’ Paradise

On Orkut I feel like I’m really in the minority in the American Politics community (if you don’t have an Orkut account, and want one, drop me an e-mail). There are so many confirmed Socialists…and those who sincerely believe that the United States was worse than the Soviet Union. I thought those people had really dried up. Now I’m being assaulted by quotes from that Khmer Rouge apologist, Noam Chomsky. It’s really disheartening to see that people still are busy denying what happened in the Evil Empire. Even more disturbing is that it’s still going on today.
What’s more disturbing, and perhaps this speaks to blogs, too, is what people use as evidence for their arguments. I really try to guard against using what I’d consider to be overly-biased sources, yet, these folks have no qualms about doing it. I don’t know if it’s because they are so blinded by their agendas that any evidence is fine, or if they just haven’t ever had to write scholarly papers.
All I can say is it’s really disappointing.