Confusing the Scammers

What’s the 4191 on Win XP?

I’ve gotten probably five phone calls from some Asian company (I’m guessing India or Pakistan) about my PC being infected with spyware.

The senior technician wanted me to download a program called “teamview” so he could diagnose my problem.

I asked for their information. Here is what he gave me:

Computer Maintenance Company
Frank Rogers

Call and ask for Martin.

The 800notes info on this number.

Since it appears that barfing out WHOIS information willy-nilly might get me in trouble, I’ll leave this so others can look it up, themselves.

I called the 800 number Frank Ro/d/gers gave me, and got a completely different company name.

I really don’t know how much of their time I wasted, butl…..

“What version of Microsoft Windows is my PC running?”
“Open Internet Explorer, and go to…”
“I don’t have Internet Explorer>’

I think I’ve managed a promise that they won’t again call my cell number. I’m skeptical.