I’m not really feeling any of my prompts this morning.  Try to re-sample something I wrote on this date in the past, and there’s not a lot.

08/15/2011 - 8/15/2011
Amazon's "Gold Box" recommended Barbra Streisand. I'm scared.

She can sing, but that’s true of lots of people whose music doesn’t suit me.
This is one of the areas where I’m a bad person.  I’m okay with people having opinions that differ from mine.  I also don’t think it’s okay to force other people to adopt my choices.
I’ll also stick up for your right to make choices I don’t like.
Through Sunday and Monday, at the behest of Virginia’s governor, there was a message that the bigots who marched in Charlottesville shouldn’t have been allowed to do so.
Naturally, he chose to go shoot his mouth off on radio supported by money taken by force, and blame the ACLU for creating the situation.  What in the actual fuck?
So last night, after eating my wife’s culturally-appropriated Cuban sandwiches, I was thinking about how, no, I disagree with the idea that there’s only one way to think about it.  There’s many ways to think about it, and no one is absolutely correct.
Establishing that there’s only one proper way to think is tyrannical.
There was a tweet storm going back and forth about it last night.

I also appreciated Greg Guttfeld’s commentary on The Five.  Unfortunately, I can’s seem to find that online this morning.  Chris Long,
On that note, I guess I’m going to switch focus.  After trying, unsuccessfully, to get through to this HR department that sent me a notice about my application on Saturday, they finally picked up their phone after lunch.  No change.  Um, so why did you send me an email about it on Saturday (and not pick up your phone when I called in the morning)?
I was also looking up information about the eclipse.  Yes, the Sun is going to get blacked-out on my birthday.  If I was superstitious, I’d say that’s a sign.  I’m debating whether it might be a good time to hit the roof of the building to watch.  At the same time, it sounds like the whole thing is going to take more time than I’m willing to devote.  We’ll see.
Bu-buh-but you need to buy glasses so you don’t tuin your retinas!!1!
Or just don’t look directly at it, and watch as the brightness levels go down.