Winding down to the end, here.
Tomorrow will be free-write, so I’ll use one of my last remaining prompts. The unused ones, including the list I can’t seem to concentrate on to write.
Do you believe that some people are born lucky, while some are born unlucky?
I don’t know. I do think there’s a lot of benefits you get from your parentage, and where you went to school.
Even if you’re basically worthless, if you attended a private high school, and a prestigious university, you “start on third base.” I think back to being in the field with a bunch of ROTC cadets from William and Mary. They were discussing which boarding schools they attended for high school. I didn’t offer, “I went to Menchville.” *flash gang sign*
Bernie Sanders will rattle on and on about free college. The Democrat nominee for governor sets his sights even lower, offering opportunities for trade school or internships.
One of the few things I found fascinating about the Trump cabinet is the incredible background diversity. It’s not like the last few presidents, packed with Ivy League products. Indiana. Michigan. Georgia. Even Texas A&M.
Part of that might have been my military upbringing; it doesn’t really matter where you came from, if you can do the job, you’re successful. I suppose I should have seen that that only goes so far. My dad attended the Army War College. I went to high school with the kids of a bunch of the names that’d be in the news during the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. Even some of the finest officers didn’t end up pinning on a bunch of stars.
Back to the VMI ring-knocker who’s the Democratic nominee — how far would he have gotten if he wasn’t wearing that big class ring? The most famous alumnus from CNU draws a web comic with stick figures.
There’s things that could be done to remedy some of this, but I doubt it’ll ever be seriously attempted. Someone gets where he/she is based almost entirely on patronage, and that’s okay. If you’re not born into a high position, you can just stay in your place.