So, yes, this is the last post of this writing streak.
My mother came down yesterday with presents/wishes/etc.. After showing her the rooftop party area of our building, we went to Doumar’s for dinner. I think I’d like to go to Waffle House, so my wife and I may go tonight or tomorrow.
And, before you ask, smothered, usually covered, and sometimes chunked.
So, scorecard on this session.
Adherence: B+ I’ve not missed a day after the initial disruption. I did make up for the two days I missed along the way.
Content: C+ I’ve really been writing off-the-cuff. Yes, I’ve used some short prompts in many entries, but I’ve not devoted full entries to most of the prompts. Previously, I’d sampled heavily from from previous writing months. With the disruptions in my life, I didn’t really have time to prepare as I normally would.
The last week, of course, has been influenced by the things in Charlottesville, plus whatever was coming out of Washington.
Unlike those with hard-line political allegiances, I’m disgusted with “both sides'” responses. Despite Terry McAuliffe’s impassioned statements, you’re not either with the Antifa thugs, or the Neo-Nazis and Confederates. To me, you’re with freedom, or you aren’t. When groups like the ACLU ruin the hastily-assembled political narrative, it’s an endless stream of derision over social
and broadcast media. That makes you different and better than the President how, exactly?
Distribution: C I originally gave myself a C-, but why would be I giving myself pluses and minuses on all these? I did get things working well enough on this oh-so-broken VM to get the content up, and posted it faithfully to PB. Between Oracle’s destruction of MySQL, and Debian’s disaster with systemd, I’ve got a mess I really haven’t had the time or energy to address. If I had good income, still, I’d be building a virtualization host where I could set something up with an operating system I actually enjoy using to get this out. Part of that speaks to what I’ve been targeting in many areas of life — starting from zero.
I know I’ve made mistakes, and my physical problems really limit where I could go. But the physical problems, ultimately, are less limiting than some other things. I want to get as close to the bare minimum as I can, where I can start rebuilding. If I come out of this without a cent to my name, but my wife by my side, that’s good for me.
So, yeah, I’m stopping there. Tomorrow, I’ll inch closer to being a man. The Sun will dim, and I’ll keep digging for something new.
And so it goes.