I have PBR in my fridge, and I haven’t cracked one open yet. How sad is that?
Getting settled in at the new place a bit. Still having difficulty sleeping…different bed and all that. I will say that I already am not missing the drive to work. Being able to roll out at quarter after eight, and still roll into the newsroom at 8:40 pretty much rocks.
Fighting with a Mac running OS 8.5 lately. I think I’m going to have to do some major surgery on it. Suck. For whatever reason, it keeps dropping the network connection with DHCP enabled. It’s also quite possible that the fucking NT4 server acting as the DHCP host is fux0r3d, too. If I go back there, there’ll be a helpful error message like “The DHCP Server Service failed to start. 0x00000FUH0mo.
Adam and Jay have moved to WordPress on users, and Adam set one up for Mary. I think pretty much everyone should switch over. If you still dig MT, install it in your /home, and deal. Still got some CSS/Theme issues to work out, but I like it better so far.