Distraction-Free Writing

That’s what the latest round of updates to WordPress promised me. Still, I’ll probably be just as bad at writing as I have been lately.

It’s been a busy month. After the past two weeks of work, I’ve had absolutely no energy left for doing things on the weekend. I’m hoping for some major changes come January, but it remains to be seen.

Today, I explained some basic engineering practice at work. A bit shocked that I have to do this sort of thing, really. Maybe I haven’t been in a bubble penetrated only occasionally by “sales engineers.” I’m okay with this. My posterior-kissing skills are almost as bad as my eyesight at this point. Maybe that makes me a bad person.

I’ve also completely forgotten what I wanted to write about. I’m watching football, which is doubly-sad considering the Saints’ performance yesterday. As bad as the CoonasstroSuperdome looked after Katrina, I guess it could be the man-made disaster that is Detroit.

In a way, though, I feel like I’ve been dropped into the Silverdome at work. So much went into what’s there, and there’s just zero willingness to actually fix it.

My debate for tomorrow is whether I try to get down to a going-away party for someone who is very important to me. It’d be tough, but I’m inclined to at least make an effort.