Things are very disjointed today. I actually forgot about trying to write during the day. Amazingly, though, I wasn’t incredibly sleepy during the day. This is a big change for me. That I fell asleep during the Sunday night football game last night, plus missed Saturday Night Live the night before probably didn’t hurt.
I’m craving a Negroni after some searhces yesterday morning, and discussions in the office today.
A brunch visit might be in order….
Something your significant other is into that you are not?
She’s looking for me to say, “anime.” Yes, certainly. I can’t seem to pay close attention to it. Certainly my poor vision makes watching things with subtitles a non-starter, but even the stuff that’s dubbed in English I can’t stick to. To me, TV is really a passive thing. My time in radio probably hasn’t helped, there, either.
Do I dislike it? No. Just not something I can easily follow.
She also watches a lot of things about the British monarchy. I care even less about that than I do Japanese cartoons. There’s things about the British system of government that are admirable, and they’d be just fine without a king or queen. I do respect a parliamentary form of government. It, of course, is the basis of the Commonwealth forms of governments present in four US states.
I kinda like that local governments can’t do anything unless the central government explictly delegates the authority. In Virginia, as we’ve got an election tomorrow, I’m dismayed that the candidates for office don’t seem to give any sort of deference to the General Assembly.
For tomorrow: Have you ever felt that you were singled out even though someone else was actually breaking the rules but you weren’t
Going to tackle this one, because I get singled-out for breaking unwritten “rules.” I did something wrong? Okay. Please show me what rule I broke. I’ll be here waiting for your citation.

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