Halftime free-write

I didn’t really plan this well considering I had a free write just a couple of days ago.

Whatever. I will get through this, because it helps me keep thoughts straight, and I’m halfway finished.

In the background, I’m listening to the Attorney General’s speech. Right in some ways, wrong in lots of others. And I should be killed because I don’t choose one side or the other. *shrug*

I. Don’t Care.

That sentiment, of course, is the biggest bit of my “problem” right now.

There’s lots of places where I could go with my life, but I don’t really care.


18:05 < kcrow> the world womders
18:10 <@sean> we are the world

That ought to explain how much attention I’m paying.

*wanders away to order dinner*

Anyway, back to the point, I do lots of things just because I’ve committed to doing them. I’ve foregone all sorts of things the past few years. I do listen to Adam Corolla. He often speaks about the benefits, for a boy, in learning to delay gratification.

He speaks of how boys end up with great affection, admiration, for adult men who put them through hell. That football coach who made you run until you puked. That drill sergeant who did the same.

And this, again, is going nowhere. Maybe. So, one of the unused prompts.

Are you afraid to confront your demons?

Nope. A lot of what I’m doing with my mental health bits speaks to, again, resisting those urges. They don’t work anymore, anyway.

I’m going to stop now, as I really don’t think this is going anywhere.

Halfway through. Keep pressing.