Recap of your year month-by-month.

Yeah, I’m just not going to do this one right now. I really don’t have a firm memory of the things that happened last winter. I know I got this job, even though I didn’t go looking for it.

Then several months of bouncing back-and-forth to Amazonville to meet my time commitments there.

The whole time, pretty much, I was looking off and on for a new place for us to live.


  • DC is too expensive
  • Driving in DC is terror-inducing (not for me, since I can’t drive anymore, but for my wife)
  • PGC, Maryland, especially the parts bordering Southeast DC,sketchy as fuck.
  • MoCo, Maryland, home to about half of all the bad local ordinance stories you see on TV news, or read about in magazines

So we ended up in Alexandria, Virginia.

I can get around well enough, here.

Today was a long day. Traffic was nuts, but I did get pretty much everywhere I needed to be on-time.

I am tired. So that’s it for today. I may look to see if I can do a month-by-month thing later this week, when I’m back from Thanksgiving fun.

Doing that last year did help me focus on a few things.