Some busy things this week. Fingers-crossed that there’ll be something promising for work. I need to make a phone call after I got an odd update on Saturday about something I’d applied for back in June.
Part of my birthday is going to see the sun blocked out. If I was superstitious, I’d say that this means something.
I didn’t watch any of the Sunday shows yesterday. The political line is set, and I really don’t need to hear it repeated again. As I said yesterday, perhaps less than artfully, I hold both the racists and their counter-protesters in about as much contempt as I can muster.
Favorite meal cooked by someone else.
I think my wife wrote this as she was gathering ingredients to make Beef Bourguignon n with Two-Buck Chuck.
That would be one, of course. I think that the pearl onions do make a difference.
Is it my favorite? I don’t know that I can pick just one. I do really appreciate when someone cooks for me.

Other stuff from the weekend….

  1. The building leaked. Again. The property manager got really upset when I called the property a “patch job.” That was after there were exposed nails coming through the steps, and before the first leaky window/wall. They’ve since sealed it twice, and it’s leaked following every attempt.
  2. I think we’re set for Fantasy Football. Two friends on Facebook, who I met on Orkut years ago joined up. One is a Pats fan, the other a Falcons fan; this could be fun.
  3. Deprivation of vice. I won’t elaborate, but I’m cutting back/eliminating several things. We’ll see how I do.

But on to the tasks of the morning. *yawn*