Do you find it more pleasant to spend the holidays with a few select people or do you prefer large gatherings?
I think I prefer a little of both.  I don’t mind being around people, but I hate putting on clothes and going somewhere.  I would be perfectly okay with just staying in my pajamas all day and cooking a two person feast.  If I am cooking myself it means I can experiment with new recipes that I know other people may not be open to.  My husband is generally open to trying new recipes, unless they are really out there.  Although he has developed a taste for tofu and soy chorizo, so maybe I could get him to try a cauliflower turkey?  Not really interested in that myself, but I like the occasional challenge in the kitchen.
Really tired today because I decided to take a nap at 9:30 last night and then wake up and bake a dessert to take with us.  Ended up staying up until 5am so that it could properly cool.  Then to get up at 9:15 this morning and yeah it is more than a little draining.
Currently getting snubbed by my MIL’s pekingese and hoping that my fantasy football team can come up with something today.  We shall see.
Also, waiting until 6pm for the ULTA Black Friday sale, because I need to add to my collection of a couple hundred lipsticks.
Until tomorrow…