Twenty-five (8/13)

I was looking around trying to find things I’d written August 13ths in the past.
There’s really not a lot.
Reading back, though, there’s really four phases of my adult life.
After meeting my wife
After the medical establishment figuring out WTF is wrong with me.
Unfortunately, there’s no individual events I can place on the beginnings and ends of those phases.  Of course, I couldn’t have known the hell that my body was going to go through.  I couldn’t have known that the girl across the table with the shy smile, and pretty eyes would end up being with me.
Today went better than I could have expected at work.  Though it took a long time, I got my infusion.  So we’ll see what the rest of the week looks like.
Today, certainly, wouldn’t be anything I could mark as a beginning or end.
A few days left.  What do I want to write about?