Places Named After Numbers

Beyond, below, above
A gravity that slumbers
At the center of
Places Named After Numbers
Different kind of love

She was right
She was right there
She was right there all the time
Collasping all the way

And though it seems from here
That she was never there
Light beams disappear
Into her blackened hair
I wonder if they reappear

Supposedly it’s about black holes. I’m fucking with RBL’s as of late. Chaz pointed out to me last night, and I added it today. My bawf wants me to block as much spam as possible. While I personally detest RBL’s, they’re the most effective way to do it right now. I’ve also added some SA jank that seems to be helping some. I will say that those motherfuckers are getting better about fooling SpamAssassin. I had a male enhancement ad that got something like a -120 score.

I did get some kind of sick pleasure out of adding for some reason. There was a story about a week back that said that something like 70% of all spam is from China. Magic bullet? Perhaps.

Still getting settled in at the other place, although I’m going back home after work today. Not for any particular reason….

I guess gmail accouts are a hot item now? I’m trying to understand the massive attraction. I’s gots webmail pretty much everywhere. Will you be able to like do IMAP-SSL to it? If so, then I might be slightly interested.

Oh gawd. It’s that fucking awful Hoobastank tune again. /me slits wrists lengthwise……