What inspires you to keep writing?
Right now?  That I’m waiting for these repairmen to return, finish the job I hired them for.
More generally?  It keeps me somewhat level.  I can sit back, close my eyes, and pound something out.
For Novembers, it allows me to reflect some on where I am, correct mistakes I’ve made, and find some peace in time for the holidays.
The stretch from September of last year until July of this year is a complete blur.  (Well, that’s the case of many, many things, on account of my failing vision, but….)
I think I still can do some quality work, although I have to approach things differently.  Things really scream by.  I hope that I haven’t disappointed too many people.
My desire for revenge is kind of gone.  Things do occasionally pop up that I have to look into, dig back through my archives, and inquire whether there’s something that might bite me.
So much of what’s coming out in the news is about behavior I just can’t comprehend.  Have I done things I regret?  Absolutely.  Is any nearly as bad as what (long string of celebrities) did?
Not by a longshot.
I still haven’t had the opportunity to delve into stuff from 2012 thoroughly. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Friday Who knows? For tomorrow:  How do you feel about people’s need to post every detail of their relationships on social media? Are you guilty?