November 22nd is an important year for many in the previous generation.  When I was very young, around the 25th anniversary, I took keen interest in it.  Later, there was the Oliver Stone movie.
As I’ve aged, however, I’ve become more convinced that the worst thing to come out of that was LBJ’s presidency.
Kennedy may well have been re-elected.  Maybe not.  He did get us in to Vietnam, which fans seem to gloss over.
How do you feel about people’s need to post every detail of their relationships on social media? Are you guilty?
I tend to tune it out, for the most part.  In my vacuum right now, I really don’t have access to social media.  When I worked there, previously, I did check in on Facebook to see what was going on with my dad’s family after my uncle had suffered a severe, ultimately fatal, stroke.
After my abrupt departure from my last situation, I did do more on Twitter and Facebook.  Not so much with my health issues, but with current events.
I do talk about my wife sometimes, occasionally quoting her, often without attribution, but it’s normally not about anything serious.
People might get some amusement about the conversations we have.  I do enjoy being alone with my wife.  Other things, both personal, and mundane, aren’t really anybody else’s business.
I am committed to my wife.  Even if that changed, I would never air our laundry.  If someone cares, ask.  If you’re someone who might want, or need to know, I’ll share.
I don’t know what I’m going to write about tomorrow, Thanksgiving.  At least there is some AFC Football this year.  The Los Angeles Chargers playing in Dallas seems appropriate, though with the Jerrydome, there wouldn’t be snow falling.  *checks forecast for Dallas*  Hmph.  Even if God was watching through the roof in Texas Stadium, tomorrow looks like it’ll be a nice day, there.  No Leon Lett moments, anymore.  (Interesting seeing Eagles’ Head Coach Doug Peterson, there….)