One more week, and I guess that’s something for which I can be thankful.
Up early, despite being awake late, because I’m dealing with this guy I’d hired to do some repairs at my mom’s house before her guests arrive.
He made one of the repairs after I gave him cash to go buy parts he needed. Another repair he was supposed to finish this morning, but he was supposed to be at her house an hour ago. I spoke to him before seven. He was supposed to call when he got there, but I haven’t heard from him.
More than a little steamed.
And after a glance away to call him, no answer. Really?
Apologies for the distraction, but this is what’s on my mind right now, along with trying to cook a bird this afternoon, amidst watching the Lions’ game.
Minnesota at Detroit
Both of these teams are actually rather entertaining this year. I’m expecting a low-scoring game until the end.
Los Angeles at Dallas
Not sure what, really, to make of the Chargers. Dallas, of course, is all about injuries and suspensions.
I think with what’s been happening with some of the Cowboys’ issues, you do really start to see how some of the now-deceased owners kept things together. Jerry Jones isn’t my favorite person, certainly, but what he did to a rather moribund franchise after buying it is rather incredible.
The Rooneys and the Maras, along with their redheaded spokeschimp, have really changed it into something that’s a bad product in places.
I can think of few things worse than watching a Colts-Niners game. Even Hugh Culvehouse and Bill Bidwell couldn’t have come up with worse products.
New Jersey(A) at Washington
Nudge to Gregg Easterbrook on the snark about the Giants. With fans like Carl, there is a bit of a soft spot. What they’ve done the past few years, since they fired Tom Coughlin, is pretty rotten football. At least the defense is somewhat interesting with Steve Spagnuolo’s return.
So, in-and-out on the Lions’ game, may catch most of the Cowboys’ game, and a night game that will be completely meaningless if the Giants beat the Redskins.
But at least there’s an AFC team playing.
Tomorrow, I’ll wrap up what happened while I’m munching on leftovers, maybe I’ll find some writing leftovers to help carry this through the final week.
Right now, I’m listening to a Reason podcast on net neutrality. I do have to recommend yesterday’s Fifth Column dispatch.