As promised, Thanksgiving recap…
Yesterday morning was spent trying to get this repairman up to my mom’s house.
((long backstory deleted))
They finally got things into working order yesterday morning.
I cooked a turkey. It went well, though I had to finish it in the oven so it’d be up to the correct temperature.
My wife’s dessert was the real winner.
We got home just before 2100, and tried to watch some of the Giants-Redskins game. At halftime, we gave up and went to bed.
Naturally, that early bedtime found me awake way too early this morning. *yawn*
After glancing away to look, the Redskins did win. Doesn’t look like we really missed too much, though. With the Redskins playing on Thursday, we’ll probably get the Saints’ game on TV Sunday. I’m okay with that.
So, back to familytime…. My wife and SIL were having a good time talking about girl stuff, while I was worried about cooking. Talks about various things; my brother and I agree that there was one video that was the peak of MTV’s video library. You might say that it as Epic.
I’m very close to finally getting this virtualization host working the way I want it. Maybe once I”m finished with that, I’ll get to doing the prompts for the rest of the month. My head is kinda spinning right now.
Not sure if I mentioned, but with the old diary site coming back, I did look more to see if my “lifetime” subscription is going to be honored. Amazingly, yes it will be.