A Question

Where did the Non-aggression principle touch you?

Listening to this right now, after seeing a friend on the cesspool that is Facebook blame everything that’s bad in the world on libertarianism.


You can go through life without forcing people to live you in the way others deem appropriate.

Sure, this is very much influenced by things I read when I was shivering in my one bedroom apartment near Newport News Shipbuilding.

I think I actually didn’t have a TV much of the time I lived there.

But I think that was where I read How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World. (Apologies for the Amazon link; it was something that came up easily in my didn’t-used-to-be-evil branded browser.)

But it brings me to my point. I’m going out of my way to avoid giving them any of my money. Same goes, now, for FedEx, and Nike, based on what they’re doing to the Redskins.

You are allowed to make your own choices. There’s nothing wrong with that. Believing that, also, isn’t a problem.

But you might not make the right choices!!1!


Since I might choose to make decisions you don’t like gives you the right to have me killed?

Got it.

This is where I’d normally start talking about how I’m a bad person for drilling down the political ideology to its base level.

But, no, I’m not.

If you don’t want to associate with me because of my choice not to force you to behave in the methods I view as appropriate. Well, okay. Come at me, bro.

On second thought, don’t. Leave me alone, even if it bothers the shit out of you.