Just No

Well, today’s been spent trying to figure out how to pay my protection racket to a professional organization that shall remain nameless.

At least the guys in the fancy suits actually provide something worthwhile.

And the restaurant suggestions they give generally turn out to be worhtwhile.

I’m also having major reflections on the NFL after seeing what the post-Awokening mob have done to the Redskins, and seeing this on Twitter this morning.

Can I support a league that is so closely tied to the company that employs him as a spokesman? Should I?

This line of thinking was certainly feeding in to my back-and-forth with Robbie “The Fire”. on Twitter yesterday:

He’d been talking about starting a corporation, the “F You Corporation,” that sells things apart from the woke mob.

But I’ve been quietly doing that sort of thing, on my own, for years. I used to not need to advertise it.

Can I say, “no,” to Nike, and the NFL?

Yeah, I actually probably can.

Would it make a difference?

I have no idea.

But I can leave, and live my life as I choose.

(And, see, this is where I start in to the whole bit about how if you disagree, well, shoot me, because I don’t deserve to live if me living is not up to your standards….)

Some people, about whom I care, might be disappointed, and that’s something I have to weigh.

But, regardless, at this point, there’s absolutely no way I’ll purchase a single thing from Nike if they continue to employ CK.

If someone asks me why, I’ll explain.

Otherwise, it’s for me to know, and just walk away. (And take my dollars with me.)