I sleep a lot better when I have the bed adjusted correctly. Still some up-and-down, but, for the most part, I actually slept pretty well last night in who knows how long.

The news, again, is about what’s going on in the Pacific Norhtwest.

Someone released a photo of this peaceful protester who’d been hit right in the middle of his forehead with a crowd control round. Probably won’t be any long-term damage from the shot, itself, but they were worried about brain trauma.

Maybe it’s the scarred brain of mine that made me reason — who’s to say that the brain on this one wasn’t traumatically-injured before the Feds shot him between the eyes with a rubber bullet.

So no link to a current news story this morning. What more is there to say, really?

When I sat down at the computer this morning, I had this open.

COVID’s gong to cover all the sins of the whole Russia thing. Ho-hum.

And there’s where my brain goes to the well-they’re-gonna-shoot-me-as-an-undesirable-anyway-so-I-hope-it’s-recorded. I care, but at the same time, I don’t, and this part of why I’m getting professional help. I have these urges to do things I know are dangerous, but I want to do them anyway.

It also kindasorta explains my urges just to go somewhere else. Seeing the video of the things with the hurricane hitting the Texas Gulf Coast yesterday, along with Joe Rogan saying he was ditching Cali for Texas, had me looking at things down there. Could I be happy there? Maybe. Could I live comfortably just on the income I expect to have? Yes. Do I want to live in Lake Jackson, a.k.a. Ron Paul Land?


I don’t think my wife would be at all interested.

On to picking through my past. Going to re-take a survey from 2000. The original author’s name has been removed. Obviously, no idea what happened to him, now, twenty years later.

  1. If you could pick one book that was required reading for the entire world, what would it be and what age group would you have read it?

I think I said something like Atlas Shrugged in 2000. Today, however, I don’t have an answer. I really don’t like trying to compel people to take in things against their will.

If there was something for me that was required reading, I’d probably make it a point to not read it.

  1. Have you ever invented anything?

I don’t know. There’s probably scripts I wrote a long time ago that are still in use some places; is that invention?

  1. What is the first site you visit when you connect to world wide web (after checking your mail and Opendiary, of course)?

Heh. A real 2000 question right there. With everything on the phone these days, there’s really no turning it all off.

I’ve been told I should I should try doing that, but I don’t really want to.

  1. What nicknames do you have that you often go by?

I don’t have one these days. I go by “hurdboy” on some social sites….Fark, Gab, etc..

  1. What are your top 5 favorite songs from the Sound of Music, 1 being the favorite and 5 being the least?

I don’t know that I could name five today, so I can’t do this one.

  1. Name one cool thing you can do with your genitalia.


This made me think of The Rifleman’s Creed.

  1. Name one thing that you could be doing in your life right now that is more productive than filling out a stupid survey.

It’s Sunday morning. What the hell else could I be doing, really? I already restarted a thing on work equipment after seeing an alert when I first woke up today.

  1. What is the greatest late charge fee you’ve ever had at Blockbuster?

This is what comes to mind.

My wife and I have discussed various “Randy Marsh Moments” probably more than most people.

  1. What is the best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever given your dad?


We’re getting close to the ten-year mark since he’s been gone.

I think my brother and I went in together to get him Yankees’ tickets at the old Yankee Stadium. He and my mom went up, and ended up watching the game with his Army buddy, who wore his “Muck The Fets” t-shirt. (They were young Infantry officers together in the 2nd Armored Division just as Vietnam was coming to an end, and were friends until my dad died.)

  1. If you were to ever open a restaurant that wasn’t a chain, what would you name it?

When I answered this back then, my answer was “Le Merde.” I think that should have been “Les Merde.”

I don’t speak French; maybe I should learn. But I think there’s other languages that might be more useful. My wife has been interested, lately, in German. Meinen Deutsch ist sehr schlecht, aber besser ist wann Ich bin zu viel getronken.

Half-drunk German from high school probably isn’t of much use, honestly.

French seems nearly useless.

German would be easy, but I don’t know that I’d have much use for it anymore.

Knowledge of both German and English does help you be able to almost read Dutch (or Flemish….Stupid Flanders.).

I am still fascinated by Portuguese. Again, however, I get put off by the usefulness of it; when am I going to go to Brazil?

  1. If you could throw a dinner party and have one dead person and one person from today come to it and meet, who would you choose?

And we go back to Question #9. Maybe Governor Hoodor Blackface will have loosened things up enough so that I can go see him on the tenth anniversary of his death in December. Guess we’ll see.

  1. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping (do not answer this question if you’re ugly because then you’ll just put gross images in people’s heads)?

I’m ugly, but I’ll answer anyway. Yes.

  1. Do you remember the candy “Bonkers”?

Only vaguely.

  1. In your opinion, who is the most underrated actress in Hollywood, and how would you like to have her positioned for the first time you fuck her?

I don’t really know. I watch so little these days.

  1. What did you give up for Lent this year (if you’re one of those heathen pagans, do this as a hypothetical)?

With my seriously-lapsed Catholicism, I’ve not done that in I don’t know how long. Maybe I should try next year.

Taking that took a lot longer than I anticipated, but it’s gotten me a good part of the way through this week’s Run Your Mouth.

More tomorrow.