Words of wisdom

[panzer] I’m a firm believer in the-best-tool-for-the-job and
[panzer] time to blog
[tim] dont blog blindly
[tim] know the technology behind the gui
Supposedly it’s snowing outside — I don’t see it. Or, rather, it’s not snowing here.
I have to go to work today on my day off. It’s going to be teh suck. I went in last night, got my normal shit done (with much screaming because other people can’t do, or refuse to do their jobs, and have the nerve to call and let me know that they aren’t going to do their jobs), fucked with this new server a bit. Couldn’t get much done on it, because they’d set a root password at the factory and neglected to tell me WTF it is.
More fun than work, however, was what I did last night, helping Ethan and //c fuck around with the laser. Results here. Burning shit is cool.
Imma go play dod now, then go to work.

Quiz stolen from Jay

Also, tim has a blog now. I’ll put up the link tonight.
#1 Did you ever find yourself totally in love with someone? What was it that really attracted you to them?
Er, WTF, over. I’m not sure I understand this question. Have I been in love? yeah. So I guess that’s totally? It built over time like anything.
#2 Have you ever driven a car at a speed in excess of 100 MPH? If so, did you enjoy the experience?
I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I may incriminate myself. Lets just say, the Jeep gets real jumpy over 80.
#3 What was the first alcoholic beverage you ever drank? (If you answer “sloe gin,” you are disqualified.)
Beer, probably? Recall, I spent my formative years in germany. No shit, we’d go and buy booze at twelve. So, probably beer, maybe apfelkorn.
#4 How old were you when you lost your virginity?
~o/When I was seventeen, it was a very good year…./o~
#5 How often do you have really crazy dreams that make perfect sense while you are dreaming them?
No, my dreams are always fucked up, and I normally recognize it at the time.
#6 What is the CRAZIEST thing you ever dreamed that made perfect sense as you dreamed it?
Uh? I forget.
#7 If you could change one thing about your physical appearence, what would it be? Explain why you want to change, please.
Oh, there are so many……umm, first and foremost, dropping the flab, especially the love handles would r0ck.

What I’m doing

Essentially, I’m setting it up so I can use movable type on users, and cross-post all of those entries over to livejournal. Only problem I see so far is that the comments are posted two different places. Hmmph.
Speaking of which….if anyone needs an LJ code, or wants to do this, let me know.