Day 23

Thanksgiving went pretty well. Ugh. Today’s been spent doing things around the house, and recording my intake and output in preparation for my invasive procedure in a couple of weeks. *sigh*

I tried to start on this early this morning, but didn’t get very far. Lots of reasons for that, but Imainly fighting with Loonix. ATI HDMI audio is a royal pain in the ass. I gave up, went back to the onboard analog shit…..and as soon as I plugged it in to the TV, no sound. Fuck. Whatever. Things seem to be working better than with that antiquated laptop I’d been using. I can fiddle with it

1. What are your vices?

The normal stuff; alcohol, caffeine, meth, opiates, nicotine, gambling.

Some of those aren’t true. Decide for yourself which ones.

2. “The most disappointed I’ve ever been…”

You know, I honestly don’t know nowadays. I try not to focus on failures, you know? Especially now, Going to meet with criminal investigators about someone ranks right up there….