Day 25

Someone reminded me that I did kind of short-arm the second prompt last night. This is true; it sucked. Forgive me. I was tired, itchy from the cat that’s staying with my mom right now, etc. (A younger me would have responded with an enthusiastic, “fuck you!” But that was before the new, kinder, gentler me.)

So, odd possession I have, and how I got it…..

I have at least two NeXTstation workstations. But only one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. That monitor is on its last legs, too. Plus the SCSI drive in one is nearly shot. How’d I acquire them? One I bought for myself. Another, a friend sent. Really, though, they’re little more than curiosities at this point. There’s not a lot you can do with them.

But onto today’s prompts, then shower, football…..

1. Do you adapt easily to foreign or strange situations or places? Or do you struggle to feel comfortable?

I was going to answer this in the affirmative, but that’s not true anymore. I’m more uncomfortable than ever. Am I going to do something that embarrasses me? Is there going to be a situation where someone acts with shock at how little vision I have? Am I going to trip, fall, and die? Is this the day when I finally lose control, emotionally?

2. Do you have any strange fears?

Not really. Coronal Mass Ejection. I imagine one frying Earth around 0615 Eastern. Most of the US and Canada will still be asleep. Quite a few will just be having first cup of coffee. Do the local news folks have time to get that breaking news on the air in the about five minutes’ notice they’d have?