Day 28

Today was taxing, but I did get the things I wanted to accomplish accomplished. I’m home. I hurt too much to go out, as we’d planned. I threw money into the office pool for lottery. With that much in the pot, I think I could figure out a way to share, and still take care of myself and my wife for as long as she lives.

It’s only been three days back at the grind, and I’m already spent. If I still was driving 35 miles each way, there’s no way I’d still be going at it. No way.

Two more days to go on this. If the schedule wasn’t so jam-packed, I’d be looking forward to a weekend of relaxation.

1. What is the best birthday gift you ever received?

I honestly don’t know. I think the CD player my parents bought me when I turned thirteen still works…..

2. Write about your greatest fear.

See question one from Day 14. I am prideful. My maladies leave me prone to embarrassing situations. Of course, this stuff crops up just as I was getting the most comfortable with myself. Trip, fall, stagger, shit or piss my pants, pass out, miss things that should be easy to see? Yeah, I’m good for all that stuff nowadays.