Whatcha got?

See what it is, then use it.

Trying to convey that sentiment at work;  it’s not working as well as I’d like, but I’ll keep trying.

It’s important to use what’s there;  maybe what you create isn’t exactly what you were expecting to make, but….

Reminds me of watching Anthony Bourdain in his travels.  How many of the amazing cuisines throughout the world are the result of colonists using their native techniques with the ingredients they find wherever they end up?

Would Vietnamese food be as interesting if the French hadn’t been there?  How about Brazilian without the Portuguese?

Disjointed pondering, perhaps.

In somewhat related news, Cure is back open.  Glad to see them again.  Glad Sarah enjoyed her sandwich.  Glad there weren’t any panini press marks….  Wish I could have had a beer, but Rebif night.