I’ve enabled the plugin Albert told me about, but it doesn’t seem to help much with the editor, here.

So, what else is going on?  I’m settling in to my job.  More of the same, but some of the persistent ideas are gone.  Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be possible to deliver a good product again.  (Unlike my blog, which does suck, Dana, even if I took the 58 to the 95 to the 10, and all the way across….)

Physically, I suppose I’m doing okay, despite being in the office again.  I don’t miss driving to one at all.  It’s a little of a pain actually being in a building, but……  (I’m sure whoever reads the access logs is a little surprised by my entry logs, but it is what it is.)

But, back to the work thought (and, no, this isn’t “brain fog” kicking in), been thinking a lot lately about what it means to change.  I find it interesting to listen to politicians profess change, but there’s things that are always off the table.  “Reform the tax code,” means preserve treasured breaks for many people, and soak the well-to-do.

Sometimes you do have to start from scratch.  Maybe everyone won’t be happy with having to make some sacrifices.  Maybe the outcome is completely different than anyone could have ever imagined.  But if the choices made are the ones that make the most sense, you can sleep at night.

But maybe you don’t get re-elected.