Part of what I’m dealing with at work is that it’s difficult explaining to people that  just because there’s been upheaval, doesn’t mean that you have to revamp everything.  Watch a TV show about food, and you’ll hear one of the judges/critics chime in about someone using “good French technique.”  When a new chef comes in to a restaurant, he doesn’t need to retrain his cooks on how to chop onions.

Just because the old chef sucked doesn’t make the techniques wrong.  Maybe his ingredients did.  Maybe the recipes he’d chosen just weren’t that good.  And so on…

It’s frustrating to sit in a meeting, and hear people just pulling things out of thin air to do something different.  In my situation, “French technique” is codification of ITILv3.  Whether or not I really like it is unimportant;  we’ve been told to use it.  Someone spent copious amounts of time developing processes and procedures with its principles in mind.  Use it.

Maybe I’m worng.   If I am, cite something to show why you’re right.

In somewhat-related news, two shootings and a stabbing at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach last night.  You want an example of a model that’s no longer working?  I’ll cite Virginia Beach.  For both the gangland that is the “tourist-friendly” Oceanfront, and for the suburban sprawl with incredible traffic.