More Lesions, Less Leisure


I got my MRI results back this afternoon.  One new active lesion, but barely any progression in the existing ones.  Some brain volume decrease, but that’s expected.

Brain stem looks normal, as does blood flow in the brain.

Still sort of tracking for the Tecfidera, but Tysabri is still an option.  I will let EVMS and Dr. Rice argue it out.  Kind that whole practicing medicine thing.

I have gotten worse since I went off the Copaxone (and on to the Rebif).

Not enjoying being in an office, again, every day.  But it is what it is.

Anybody wanna buy a Mustang?

3 thoughts on “More Lesions, Less Leisure”

  1. Sometimes people saying “hugs” on the internet seems kind of trite, but I do wish I could give you a hug.

    I wish I could drive a Mustang, but I don’t think all the car seats would fit.

    1. Thank you.

      FWIW, I seem to remember my parents having only two-door cars when my brother and I were young. Sometime later, mom bought an Oldsmobile with four doors…..

      Thinking about it, though, kids today will probably not understand how much it sucked to have to sit in the middle, feet up on the hump. Just so few rear-drive cars around.

      1. Kids today have it SO much better than we did. Better safety, a movement toward better food. No humpy squished back seats. Except, uh, the environment’s going to sh*t & all the cool species are dying. That part bums me out.

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