On Permanence and Perfection

The more I think about it, the more illusory both seem.

Kind of in a pensive mood again after reading several Pilot stories, various tweets, seeing things on TV last couple of weeks…..

Both political parties ultimately seek to conserve different unsustainable priorities.


**EDIT 1**

Yes, I do this sort of thing in my diary, too.  One of my acquaintances, being outraged, posted a story about the BorC execs being convicted during the plot that caused the bank to fail.

As I said on Facebook, the real story won’t come out for awhile, because it doesn’t reinforce the city’s ruling party’s lines.  Yes, the bank execs are criminals.  Yes, so were a lot of others like them.  Yes, there were local, state, and Federal politicians and bureaucrats who made it all possible.

But prosecuting the last group, even directing blame their way, doesn’t jibe with the ruling party’s line.

If it makes me a bad person to say that, I’m okay with that.

As I’ve aged, I’ve come to find some of my preconceived notions weren’t wise.  If that makes me to be “not a team player,” oh well.