Cloudy Days

Background music.  Please refrain from vomiting.

I will try to do the same, myself.

I’ve been working through, since late last week, something rather significant that’ll forever change the way people do IS design.

Enterprise-grade services don’t have to be hosted locally, anymore.

Linus Torvalds once said something along the lines of everything-is-a-stream-of-bytes.  What’s the compelling reason those streams of bytes have to go to ::1 (or, for those of you stuck in the 1970s with your networks), or shmem?  Someone please give me four compelling reasons why that stream of bytes can’t have its datastore somewhere else.

Or, maybe, the datastore is in “the cloud,” and there’s periodic replication….?

My blog, which sucks (as does yours, if you have one), uses a rather ubiquitous database as its backend.  What’s to stop me from using something somewhere else?

The same could be said for lots of things.

And it’d all probably be more reliable than my ham-handed  sekurity measures.

Yes, I’d be completely unaccustomed to operating that way.  But it wasn’t too long ago that I was completely unaccustomed to operating the way I have been for the past decade or so.

Big deal.  Technology changes.  Get over it.

I understand this is easier said than done for the graying middle managers who’ve artfully crafted the business argument that places the utmost emphasis on schedule adherence.  You may be doing the wrong thing, but, goddamnit, you met the schedule.

I want to deliver quality products.  If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

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