Death Rattle

It’s something with which I am not terribly familiar, thankfully, when it comes to someone’s health.  When it comes to technology, on the other hand….

As I said before, in the event that I’m still around in my current position by the end of the year, I’m expected to buy some more letters to go after my name.  They’ll signify that I can pick out keywords, and click through a multiple choice test.


How can anyone argue with those credentials?

Unfortunately for me, I do pay attention to the material, and understand that there’s an assumption that using any of these latest and greatest methods assumes your organization has complete latitude in the decision-making process.

In reality, in many circumstances, outside the private sector, you do not have full latitude.  The decisions are made at higher levels, and your struggle is trying to accommodate those decisions made elsewhere.

(I think it’d be slick to have a cluestick certification.  Joe Engineer, BWTFCS…)

How do you play the hand you’re dealt?  You might be an expert at how you’d deal with an ideal situation, but I think how you deal with adversity speaks more to your talent.

But, then, I’m naive, and don’t have unlimited time or resources to buy extra letters after my name.

And, I’m also half-blind, which makes me hate those perfect Skillsoft courses all the more.