Day 28

I was kind of dreading this entry, and there the prompt is, staring at me…..

I took yesterday off, too, kind of unplanned. I think I’d been all that I can be, so what was the point? I have the time off, why not burn it?

Walked across the street, talked to Em a bit.

Emailed a few folks. (And I’m still not entirely comfortable with the fact that the style guides have taken the hyphen out of that…..)

Went through a box of old computer stuff. If anyone wants some 25-pin RS-232 cables, or ST fiber jumpers, hit me up before they go on eBay….

Talked to my brother, etc.

Sarah and I are doing okay, overall. Our marriage is great. I’m happy I married my best friend.

I’m thankful for a lot, but things are certainly not bright right now. Had I known this time last year what I know people knew, I might have behaved a bit differently. But, at the time, they were leeching me every few days to see what the new drugs were doing to me. (Despite numerous hits over the past four years, I still don’t take well to venous puncture. I’m fine with a shot, but hit a vein, all bets are off.)

Write about 5 things you are thankful for and why you are thankful for them.
1. Tecfidera. Because it means I’m not sticking myself thrice-weekly, anymore, dealing with the monster that is Rebif. We will see if it’s working next time the docs send me on a tube cruise.
2. Professional Football. The NCAA is a disaster, and I didn’t got to a D1 school, so, there’s not a fuck I could give about the SEC, BSCS, etc. The Failcons are out of the playoffs, and the Saints could very well win their division. For today’s games, I’m rooting for: a tie between the Peckers and Schwartzes (Dear Mr. Ford, I really don’t hate your city, company, or team. Your coach, and much of your current roster, on the other hand…), the Raiders, and the Ravens.
3. The Norfolk Amtrak stop. If I can somehow score a Shmoocon ticket on Monday… How the writers/producers modernized Atlas Shrugged for the movie trilogy is quite interesting, indeed. Getting around the US by train is tough if you want to go somewhere outside the Northeast, but it’s become my preferred mode of travel. Once I get where I want to go, public transportation or a taxi are fine.
4. I could go with the Franklin misquote about beer, but I’ll pass. I will say that I do enjoy partaking of fermented, sometimes distilled, drinks. Lately, especially the Belgian varieties. Stupid Flanders.
5. Quiet confidence that I still do have skills, and that my work situation will change for the better sooner rather than later. People do know who I am, what I’ve done. They’re seeing what I can still do. Maybe there’s not a ton of store-bought letters after my name proving how adept I am at taking multiple-choice tests, but….

With that knocked out, time to go nap a little more, trim November facial hair growth, shower, then off to the in-laws’ for round one of excessive eating.