Feelin’ Kinda Sunday

About to go out to brunch. Have enjoyed my time off, but still have a few more days. Am I recharged? I don’t know.

One of my colleagues posted this drivel about how one of the keys to success was not even looking at your email while you’re “off.” Along with working out, physically, during your lunch hour.

The corollary? If you can take more than a couple of days’ break without your input being missed, your input probably wasn’t that important in the first place. Just a hunch.

I do look at my email. I do answer the telephone. If that’ll make me unsuccessful in my career at a big company, I’m okay with that. I care more about being a good person able to look at himself in the mirror than I do about a fancy resume.

I also care a lot about putting out quality work — that makes me a liability; I’m pushing back.

But enough of that for now. There’s football I need to watch. The Failcons are doing what they do at halftime. Pfft.