Open Book

On advisement from family and friends, when I was searching for a job last year, I seriously curtailed some of my social media stuff.

Where did it get me? A job I ended up hating, making barely enough money to survive, while my health continued to deteriorate.

To put it another way, I spent the better part of a year hiding who I am, getting barely anything in return.

So, the company I just applied with asked to look at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sure. I don’t have the time or energy to try and hide who I am, and it didn’t benefit me the last time I did.

View away. If you have a question, ask. If you see something that concerns you, ask me about it. Or don’t hire me.

All the long-lasting things in my life have been gained when I can just be me, not when I’m putting on an act.

2 thoughts on “Open Book”

  1. They “asked to look at” ? I have but a very vague recollection of you mentioning this before.

    IDK, anything shared in the public forum is for public consumption.
    Anything mentioned in a circle of friends, is for that circle of friends. Do they ask if you are in christian mingle, or zoosk, or candy crush, or blind wood workers forums? IRC nicks?

    But, the required workplace behavior / code of conduct, is disparate from the other 128 hours, within legal limits. They should feel free to check against the post-office wall if they choose to, or city records, or whatever, I dont see why they would have to ask.

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