Not a lot going on, just a waiting game on things.
Today’s big thing is getting a Tysabri recharge, the first since I got cast aside from my position. The timing isn’t working out exactly as I would have liked, but….
I’m wondering what I can push for a group I’ve been helping string along some rather dated broadcast equipment. No, going to Windows 7 isn’t going to fix things. Really.
Have you ever felt that you were singled out even though someone else was actually breaking the rules but you weren’t?
If you claim someone is “breaking the rules,” cite them.
So much of what I’ve encountered the past few years is people speaking authoritatively, without a single bit of support; argument from authority. Far too often, especially in my (former) line of work, people establish themselves as authorities, and don’t accept one bit of second-guessing. Even attempting to do so results in strong rebuke.
That said, it’s not just in what I was trying to do for work. It attaches to many, many, many aspects of life. How dare you even question Al Gore’s authoritative tome on climate change? It’s science. So, too, is whatever Paul Krugman regurgitates on economics; he has a Nobel Prize.
In anything, your have to make your argument, cite back to something, not someone, that is actually authoritative.
To me, it’s not that big a deal; I did that consistently in my studies.
Listening to the Reason Podcasts isn’t really conducive to keeping focused on this. So I’ll stop. Maybe something more substantive tomorrow.


Because eight is great!!1!
On the other hand, my CSS skills, notsomuch.
Things are moving somewhat. The weather is nasty, but at least the windows didn’t leak this time.
So many different paths, not sure which I should really pursue. I do know that I’m ready to do something completely different, but don’t know how to get there.
My wife and I have been watching Restaurant Impossible recently. Would I want to do that? Not really, but I’m jealous of the flexibility he, and the owners he’s helping have.
In so much of what I’m doing lately it’s “go buy this proof you can play Minesweeper,” then pay several hundred dollars per year to keep it active.
Creativity isn’t rewarded at all. Even more, correctness isn’t valued nearly as much as meeting arbitrary deadlines. Maybe I’m not cut out for that sort of environment, anymore.
How do you keep motivated during the tough times in your life?
My goals are really kind of all over the map at this point. Constant string of OODA Loops. Maybe someday I’ll have an opportunity to relax.


Fourteen more to write for this round. I still owe one from my two days’ late start.
I keep getting sidetracked by other things when it comes to sitting down to write this entry. An acquaintance is complaining about the lousy Intertubes service he’s getting from the local network provider. But, like, see, with Net Neutrality, all that traffic is treated equally as they load more and more people onto a single node.
I literally can’t even.
If given the opportunity to see how different choices affect your life, would you proceed with it
One of the basic things in Army leadership is the After-Action Review. They help you compile lessons learned. That said, there’s all sorts of second-guessing you can do about just about anything. When you narrow things down to making the best decision based upon the situation
Sometimes shit happens, despite whatever choices you’ve made. To me, your ability to adjust on the fly speaks more to your overall ability.
I think, though, at times I tend to be over-cautious because I spend too much time trying to analyze what I’ve done later.
My instincts have been correct more often than not.
Drafting Tim Tebow in fantasy football, well….


It’s Sunday morning.
I have several prompts from which I could have chosen, but I went investigating back through old writings to find something more appealing.
That probably wasn’t a good idea; I found a bunch of the stuff I wrote while I was dealing with the eleven months in hell from 2013-2014.
what’s on tap for this week?
Dentist to get my teeth cleaned
TBD, but I did request an appointment with my primary doc for a wellness check, and to get prescriptions renewed.
Tysabri infusion, which I really need at this point.
Thursday through Saturday
With the litany of outstanding job applications, maybe one of those days ends up being an interview.
I probably should go take care of something else, too, if I don’t get what I requested in the mail.
What do you do when someone consistently asks for your advice, but never takes it
Definitely depends on the situation/who made the request.
I tend to get information about the situation before I’ll pass judgement on the situation. There’s ways of being diplomatic about it, certainly. “Oh, that’s an interesting way of doing x. Why are you doing it that way” *listen to explanation* “Did you consider doing it (this other way)?”
I guess that sort of open-mindedness is really unappreciated by a lot of people.
Thou shalt do it this way.
Maybe that way is fucking stupid? I know; unpossible. I’m also reminded of this gem from Chicago.
We won’t get into the fact that it’s something calling itself a pizza joint in Chicago.


Slept oddly after falling asleep before 2300.
But up now, water, pill case filled, etc..
It’s pretty sad when a highlight involves pouring pills from the bottle, and getting exactly the number you need to fill the pill case for the week.
Yes, I fill my pill case on Saturday mornings. I guess I could do it on Sunday, but habits are tough to break.
for whatever reason, because I’m sorta running out of things to write about again, I decided to look back into my OD archive to see what I wrote when I got laid off in 2013. Maybe that’s in response to the recent entry where I was laying out what I wanted in a place to live.
Maybe I’ll remedy that this afternoon.
This waiting game bothers the hell out of me, though. I can remember my dad dealing with this when he was stationed at the Pentagon in the late-90s/early-90s.
~o/Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…/o~
This is the sort of thing that runs through my scarred brain as I drink a breakfast shake.
Major aside time…. The folks at the med school, plus my mother suggested I drink these things as I was losing so much weight after I got diagnosed. I never really liked them. When I ended up in the hospital last September, the first thing I craved after admission was vanilla Ensure. What in the actual fuck?
Since that hospital stay, I’ve gone to vanilla breakfast shakes from time to time. Today is one of those times. I was a bit hungry.
Being hungry is something that I’ve had to sort of become accustomed to again.
From when I first started college until I started on the Tysabri, I can count on one finger the number of times I remember being really hungry. Now I feel hungry kind of at appropriate times.
Today’s feast? Some delicious French food my wife cooked recently; leftovers have been in the freezer. French bread. Bottle of wine.
I think ti’ll probably be a good evening.
Have you ever had someone tell you not to do something, and then have them turn around to tell someone else to do it
Kind of related to what I was talking about yesterday. I’m not particularly good at taking orders. I’m worse about caring about orders given to others. If someone with authority told me not to do something, I’d not do that thing, and go on minding my own business. If it was something I thought it was important to do, I’d try to negotiate with the overseer, convince him/her (I know, that’s gender-normative….) to make sure it got done. If it wasn’t actually me doing it whatever. If it was a prohibition on me just for the sake of officiousness, I’d remove myself from that situation as soon as I could. I have better things to do.


Writing, wondering what’s going to happen next.
Things can seem to move at a snail’s pace during the summer if your livelihood is dependent upon government action.
This is a tough few weeks, anyway. I’m very much at the end of my charge, and I don’t get a Tysabri infusion until Wednesday afternoon.
I had a good interview Monday, but told them I wouldn’t be available to start until Thursday next week. I have a dental cleaning Monday, then the infusion Wednesday.


So I emailed her back. The position was filled, but they are going to keep my CV on file for other opportunities.
I’m disappointed, but not overly so.
As I said while filling out my my morning Patients Like Me survey, I am getting a little bored at this point.
Unfortunately, as I’ve been listening to news, with Congress on vacation, I don’t expect a budget to be passed soon. Since so many of my outstanding applications are with government agencies, I’m wondering if there’s going to be another week or two of twiddling my thumbs.
I also worry that some of these things won’t start until the next fiscal year (1 October).
Things would be really tight if I don’t get a paycheck until 15 October. *sigh*
Do you ever feel as though you are the only one with a logical mind?
How flatly can I answer in the negative? NO.
To every situation, there’s multiple ways to address. How someone else chooses to do something really isn’t any of my business.
That does speak to something that’s been going through my head a lot lately.
Perhaps it’s related to my political consumption lately, but I really don’t care I tell people the right way to do things. I don’t have any desire to tell people how they should live their lives.
Maybe that makes me weird.
Maybe it makes me a bad person.
But I don’t care.


I meant to use this one earlier, but I accidentally used the wrong one.  Three things was supposed to go on the third.
I fuck things up from time to time.  My brain is scarred or something.
If you could go back in time to 5 years ago, and was able to tell your past self where your life is now; do you think your past self would believe that so much, or so little as the case may be, has changed?
Well, I actually did write five years ago.

08/03/2012 – 8/3/2012

Again, I’ve been horrible about writing and reading. What else is now?

Wednesday, I was as close to quitting a job as I’ve ever been in my life. I’d struggled, and struggled to get feedback on this thing I was working on. Very little. I incorporated most of the suggestions. I turned it in Monday night. <b>Very</b> late Tuesday night (we’re talking after 10pm, after I’d sent her something basically finises last Friday), I finally got some response from the person who’d tasked me on it. She said it was utter shit. I was livid. I know I make mistakes. I make lots of mistakes. I also miss things; comes with having bad eyesight. But that doesn’t mean I’m late, or what I turn in is bad.

In fact, very little of what I’d done was wrong. Most of it was actually perfect (amazing as that is!). I just hadn’t done the added, unnecessary, nonsense she felt it needed.

So I added it. And got it in late Wednesday afternoon.

I guess she, my direct supervisor, the guy who’d held the job before my supervisor, and the mumbling, stumbling idiot reviewed it. No major gripes. But it wasn’t “adding value.”

Give me a fucking break. It’s not supposed to “add value.” It’s a fucking academic exercise; CYA.

Whatever. I’m still employed. My boss understands the situation. I’ve been responsive. I haven’t undermined the mumbling, stumbling idior (yet). Life goes on.

It will be interesting to see what happens if I win this contract, and they lose theirs……..

My wife and I were discussing the logistics of the move to DC this afternoon/evening.

I’ve decided I want the following:

1. Moving expenses in cash, up front.
2. 80% telecommute
3. A 6% raise (I’d normally expect 8%, but I’m going to trade some of it for the increased telecommute).
4. Promise of twelve months’ employment after relocation. (I have zero faith in the Congress adn the President to prevent shit from turning bad in January…..whoever wins the election is unimportant, really. This die is cast.)

My wife is fully marooned in Olympicdom. *sigh*

I’m bored.


Having your moving expenses covered is a very, very nice thing. I’ve never been that important to a company though. I watched two straight days of the Olympics, and I’m so bored of them now. I want my regularly scheduled programming back. [Shedhabit] 8/4/2012 6:55:07 AM

This just sucks! [Cats Rule] 8/14/2012 8:45:41 AM

I didn’t know that only a few months later I’d be being forced to deal with accepting employment with a new company at my salary from 2006.
At this point, I’d be happy just to get back what I was making when I wrote that.
Perhaps I should take solace in knowing that the person responsible still has several more years in Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass prison.
I think I do want to write more about religion; I don’t accept agnosticism. Maybe I should write about why.


Yesterday morning’s hopefulness has been replaced with worry after not hearing anything from the promising opportunity yesterday.
I’m still pretty confident, though, even if that one doesn’t come through.
Interestingly, I applied for something that appeared to be the government counterpart for that job. That would be a little weird. I also did end up archiving a bunch of my outstanding USAJOBS applications. If they haven’t made a decision after this long, they’re probably just aren’t going to make one.
Do you ever feel the need to play the devil’s advocate?
I’m not sure? I don’t ever recall seriously making a fallacious argument about something publicly. Whenever I write or speak, I do try to figure out the arguments that might be made against my drivel. Is that playing devil’s advocate? I don’t know.
I wish I could remember what the folks in the legal field called that exercise.
I did use the technique when I was going through something I planned to submit a Shmoocon a few years ago. I’d written the paper, started putting together the slide deck, and started rehearsing the oral presentation.
As I got into the meat of my argument, I thought of a counter-argument I couldn’t neatly refute.
So, into the trash with the presentation, and plans to figure out how to get to the conference as an attendee, not a presenter.
Deleting something where I was going to punt, and take it to sports.
The crux of the argument? Tom Landry is the greatest coach in football history. No, I’m not a Cowboys’ fan.
The writing juices seem to be coming after only a few days of writing. I’m happy about that. we’ll see how I feel here in a couple of weeks.


So, new month, same issues.
Very disappointed my Tysabri infusion isn’t until next week. I’m exhausted, and need a recharge.
Very positive conversation yesterday about work pursuit. We’ll see what comes of it, but I think that the manager asked when I’d be able to start is probably a positive thing.
I need a haircut before I do. And Tysabri.
So prompt before I tail off….
What’s your take on religion?
Some are better than others. God didn’t write what a Sixteenth Century English monarch translated into English. Similarly, there is no Xenu.
I’m just as certain of those as I am that Jesus lived. I’m also pretty sure there were Caesars in Rome.
When I was younger, I was a pretty committed atheist. As I’ve aged, however, I’ve been more open to the idea of an uncaused first cause.
I think that change started by encountering people who were committed scientists, as well as adherent Catholics. To twenty year-old me, that didn’t make much sense, but I understand it better now.
Is there an afterlife? I have faith that there is. If the things that I’ve done to help ensure I get to a good place in the afterlife.
Why would I brush my teeth if the world might end this afternoon? If the world ends, my breath isn’t bad. If it doesn’t end, maybe I don’t get a cavity. It takes a few minutes, so what have I lost?
i’m having trouble focusing on this, unfortunately. the podcast in my ear probably isn’t helping. Discussion of the influence of refugee voters from the Progressive Paradise that is Venezuela.


Phone interview this afternoon. We’ll see how it goes. The position looks eerily-similar to the one I took in the summer of 2007. If I could get back to that money with those benefits, I’d be very happy.
One of the podcasts I listen to talks a lot about how people haven’t had a raise since 2005. Yeah? I resemble that in light of my descent since January 2013.
There’s very little I have to show for the past ten years of work, certainly for the last five.
On top of it, I’ve lost so much due to my condition.
Others would be angrier about it, but I really don’t have the energy to dwell on things.
Today’s prompt seems oddly appropriate.
What was the most precious thing you ever gave up willingly?
In the exit from The Botetourt, I gave away a bunch of my dated IT stuff. Two Macs. A Cisco switch, which was one of the few things I gook from the dissolution of a small business where I was once a partner. A NeXTstation with a barely-working monitor, and 40GB SCSI drive that made weird noises.
At first, I wasn’t planning on giving that away to an acquaintance who took the Macs and switch. As I thought about it, however, I realized that I hadn’t done anything with it in probably three years, and he’d get some use out of it.
Before the mass clean-out of my near decade-long residence, I let my Mustang go for a song. (I think the KBB value on it was something like $10K; I sold for $6600.) It wasn’t like I could drive it, anymore, anyway. The money from it helped sustain us through the second layoff in a year.
In the summer of 2012, atop the Berkley Bridge in Norfolk, a pickup truck dropped its spare tire in the lane ahead of me. Traffic was heavy at rush hour, so there was no way I could avoid hitting it. I popped the radiator, which left me without transpiration. The company I was working for at the time had started letting me work from home part-time. Without a car, they let me work remotely a lot more.
After I got it out of the repair shop, it sat parked until between Christmas and New Year’s. I tried to drive it during that week, and was scared to death. I couldn’t read the speedometer, and was trying to stay near the speed limit by selecting the right gear.
I know the speed limit here is 30, so third gear. Even if I couldn’t read the speedometer, I could tell how fast I was going.
But the other issue with my vision raised its ugly head. I couldn’t make out red stop lights against green trees.
The sailor who bought it had recently wrapped his around a guardrail, and was looking for something similar. I hope it’s served him well.
With that, that’s the end of the July bit. 21 entries forthcoming for August.