LMGTFY for those of you who don’t know……

I said snidely this morning that for some, your LinkedIn connections are the second most important factor in determining your competence (after the number of store-bought Minesweeper certification initials following your name).

This evening I got a message from a recruiter saying that based on my LinkedIn profile, I’d be a perfect match for an open position she’s trying to fill.

What’s the position?
1. It’s a four-to-six month contract, and;
2. It’s in Saudi Arabia, and;
3. It’s a JANITOR job.

What. The. Actual. Fuck?

I asked Barbie, as obsequiously as possible, to let me know what in my profile made me a fit for her slot. So I don’t show up like that in any other search. Perhaps there’s some disjointed phrase I could use to make people think i’m an empty-suit no-talent suck up.

But I really don’t look that sharp in a tie.

Instead, I’ll keep busy messing with my embedded Linux stuff to replace the wheezing PCs I have, and lower my electric bills.


What’s Old Is New

In technology, perhaps, certainly not with me.

I’ve been plunking around with some old hardware and software as of late. I have absolutely no idea where the Pentium D board I had is. I can’t remember if I gave it away. Maybe I’ve just misplaced it.

So I’m messing with QEMU/KVM stuff on this other incredibly old setup. It’s not working as well as I’d like, but if I can get it close enough to do what I came to do…

I think I unsubscribed from all the NetBSD mailing lists I’d been tracking. With the decision to use something else for users, there’s no need, I guess. I still do like NetBSD an awful lot. As I’ve said many times, when I first used it, my response was, “Is this all there is?” Yeah, that’s all there is. And it’s everything you need. It behaves exactly the same way, regardless of the hardware you’re using.

I also find myself missing Usenet today. Don’t know why I have a hankering to mess with INN. Bleh.

Vertical Integration

I saw somebody on FB upset the other day about how New Jersey is taking on Preston Tucker “Elon” Musk for wanting to own its dealerships in The Garden State.

*cluestick time*

There’s a reason why most Exxon and BP stations aren’t owned by the parent companies. There’s a reason places like Wawa don’t have any drilling or refining businesses. Wawa, 7-Eleven (since the last sell-off of Southland Corp; to the Japanese, now, I think), and many of the other places selling cheap fuel buy from whichever refinery is cheapest that week. Consequently, their gas prices fluctuate a lot more than the places that only sell a single brand of gasoline.

Here! Be Educated.

Around the same time, I read this about how Paul Fraim is going to be recoronation.

Then today, I read this despairing about the “new” Waterside….

Vertical Integration happens in politics, too. You live in a one-party locality. You faithfully support that party at the higher levels of government (state and Federal), then are surprised when the same misguided cronies who’ve propagated bad ideas for years and years and years continue getting funded and elected?

Don’t like City Council and Paul Fraim? Don’t sell yourself out as a solid supporter of Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, et. al..

The principle works in both places. Really.

Open Book

On advisement from family and friends, when I was searching for a job last year, I seriously curtailed some of my social media stuff.

Where did it get me? A job I ended up hating, making barely enough money to survive, while my health continued to deteriorate.

To put it another way, I spent the better part of a year hiding who I am, getting barely anything in return.

So, the company I just applied with asked to look at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sure. I don’t have the time or energy to try and hide who I am, and it didn’t benefit me the last time I did.

View away. If you have a question, ask. If you see something that concerns you, ask me about it. Or don’t hire me.

All the long-lasting things in my life have been gained when I can just be me, not when I’m putting on an act.


A couple of days ago, I thought about putting up some letters I’d written to people but never sent. Maybe the things I said don’t really need to be said, so I’ll keep them to myself.

(It’s ironic that there seems to be an Alanis song that fits…..)

More things left to bitrot.

Much like my music library, I have a lot of stuff that I can probably get rid of, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

The same applies to spare hardware; anybody looking for something?

Unhealthy Healthcare IT

This week’s been less than fun, and culminated with me having a rather serious flare.  Three days of Solu-Medtrol later, I’m somewhat okay.  I can at least read text off my phone, which I couldn’t do Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

That I tolerated the infusions okay probably means I’m going to be headed for Tysabri.  I’m not terribly thrilled, but if it’d keep my eyes where they are now, it’d be worth it. If they get my eyes back to the point where I can drive again, even better.

But with the tumult after the four-letter laid me off, because my former shining example of a boss screwed up my paperwork, things didn’t get squared away with my COBRA paperwork until after my coverage terminated.  Of course, it was reinstated retroactive after we paid, but….

I’ve been spending copious amounts of time dealing with various docs’ and insurance companies’ sites.  None of them work together.  Google Health died a couple of years ago.  The healthcare.gov rollout has been an unmitigated disaster.

Today, I’ve been trying to get a refill on one of my medications.  Because I was supposed to order the refill during the time my coverage had lapsed on paper, I didn’t.  I have to get my PCP to call it in.  And I’ll be out before the mailorder house can get the stuff processed and shipped, much less delivered.

Of course, I’m having to juggle four website logins while I’m doing this, none of which really communicates with the others.  (The prescription and health insurance sort of do, but there’s sometimes a couple of days’ delay before things get updated.)

Why don’t we have single-payer insurance, or a system where the consumer would choose whatever insurance he wanted, and stick with it regardless of his employment situation?

My property insurance company provides health coverage, but it’s through another company, not directly through them.  I can continue getting raped paying COBRA.  (And when I say that, I’m not kidding.  It costs more than rent/power/intertubes/tv/etc.)  I can try whatever healthcare.gov barfs out.  Or….?

Disability isn’t something I can really consider yet, nor does it do anything about my wife.

Say it with me, with gusto, “FORWARD.”