Two Parties One STEM

It’s not as disturbing as 2G1C, but could be if you think about it enough.

I tweeted this earlier, and said I’d say more about it.

For the 1970s Business School Republicans, lots more immigrants and fresh STEM graduates means that they can drop wages as the labor pool expands.

For the paid-for Democrats, STEM keeps graying college professors employed until they finally decide they want to quit, teaching outdated technology and methods for a ton of money. The immigration side of it doesn’t enter the equation, there, though, because pretty much everybody in their base would be negatively affected by lower salaries. No worries, though, since all the new folks will come vote Democrat, anyway.

Still, the larger point is: what’s passing as STEM education really tends to teach nothing useful. Ask an MCSE to explain how email works. Yes, you can do it without Microsoft Exchange. In fact, it’s a fuckton more secure if you omit Exchange. You also don’t need to buy an aftermarket appliance to sit between every SMTP server and the Internet to prevent spam. Really.

You can communicate over SMTP using telent if you know how it works. Bubuhbut there’s no more HYPTERTERMINAL, ANYMORE.