Look at yourself in the mirror

I do, without reservation, despite my failing vision.

Went onto Google News this afternoon, and saw a new story about people I knew from previous jobs. Three are already going to Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass prison. Yesterday, another was indicted.

I seem to recall being lectured by a Minesweeper Expert about how nobody ever would end up in serious trouble for merely “unethical” behavior. “IT’S NOT A MORAL ISSUE!”

Really? Seriously?

I suppose I should feel somewhat vindicated, but I don’t. Even with, now, a fourth example, my take on the issue would be disregarded because I haven’t bought enough extra letters after my name.

Message received.

I hope you’ll get yours down the road. I also hope your cellmate(s) want to hear your treatise about the distinction between moral and ethical behavior.