Six (7/25)

Apologies for the directionless venting yesterday.

At the same time, that’s part of the reason I do this.  Just writing off-the-cuff is one of the reasons I do this (both in November, and in the summer).

At the same time, the energy is often lacking to do just about anything.

After the —a-caused miss of the Tysabri dose, I noticed that the positive effects kicked in a couple of days sooner than usual   I’m wondering if that’s why the end-of-dose crash seems to be a few days early.  Who knows.

Do you work better on a schedule or freelancing your time?

This answer is going to make me sound like a politician, but….

Both?  Neither?

I like to have interim milestones, but I do like to freelance to meet those intermediate milestones.  If you need A, B, and C. by Tuesday, break it down a bit.  If you want A, and C on Sunday, I’ll prioritize to  get those finished first.

How I do those really isn’t something you should be overly concerned with;  I’m going to meet your deadline, and I’m going to be busy AF on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday finishing up Task B.

Perhaps I should bloviate move, but I probably ought to go ahead and stop for the evening.

(Side note:  “Bloviate” was coined by Warren Harding.  It really doesn’t mean anything, but I guess it describes lecturing about nothing.  Despite the Washington Naval Treaty, Teapot Dome, and other various scandals, I’d still take Harding over Wilson….)