Fourteen (8/2)

Apologies for the curtness in yesterday’s bit.  As I said, my mom was here for a very short visit before she left with my brother and his wife for a trip.

Listening today to people still defending the positives of the plans.

You have sleep apnea, and that’d make your premiums expensive?  Great.  Try having MS, where you got treatments thirteen times a year that hospitals regularly bill almost $30,000 for.

And, then, because you moved, you are three weeks late on a dose.

Good shit.

Taking it back to 2002 for this bit of recycling.

What to do when you’re bored – 8/9/2002

Me? Oh, I drove six hours one-way to watch a 45 minute football practice, then drove home. 😀

Went up to Carlisle to see Redskins training camp. It was really fucking surreal to be back in Carlisle. I guess seven years is a long time, but….

It might be that already, everything from that year is sort of a blur. You go someplace for just one year, and things don’t seem to fit together after awhile.

Biggest thing I’ll remember about Carlisle is my waist size. Ain’t gettin’ into those pants anytime soon….

My hip seriously hurts after the trip.

What do I remember the most? Meeting Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews. Seeing the punters try to land punts right between the “1,” and the “0” on the ten-yard line.

A lot of it was really running through the speed of the vaunted “Fun ‘n Gun” offense. I didn’t see the morning practice where they taped their #1 pick, Patrick Ramsey, to the goal post.

Maybe that had the potential to be a good team. Marvin Lewis, now of Bengals’ fame, was the Assistant Head Coach. While Spurrier had made his name in college, he’d played (niners, Bucs), and coached (Tampa Bay Bandits) in the pros previously. Watching the offense, I was able to pick out the difference between the passing progressions and anything I’d done before.

The Hall of Fame game is tonight.  There is one unfilled slot in the Fantasy league (in the unlikely event anyone is reading).

Could be strange having four league members under a single roof near the Redskins’ practice facility.