Nineteen (8/7)

This floated in front of me earlier today, but it’s the same sort of information reported last week.

Discussions on and off on Facebook about Twitter shutting down accounts.

I also saw a story earlier today about how “Millennials” (I put that in quotes, because college students today probably aren’t Millennials;  how many of them remember Y2K?  They’re the kids of Gen X.  No, there weren’t many of us, but some have learned how babby is formed, and those would be the folks in college now….) on campus at Columbia couldn’t name the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.  Freedom of Speech was even one of the things they were having problems with.  When reminded about that, well, okay, so long as nobody is offended.  What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck?

But this was actually right around the bit about the ACLU deleted their tweet praising France’s law restricting free speech.

Incredibly, the totes-not-evil company (the ones who were a number, and are now a bunch of letters) still has that tweet cached.

But I don’t want politicians deciding what I can read or say.   I would like to ask the people working for reconstitution of the Byrd Organization how many people they plan to throw in cages for reading shit they haven’t blessed.

But, hey, that might be treason, and good enough justification to execute me for treason.