Twenty (8/8)

Do you think steps should be taken by government (local, state or federal) to help curb the obesity epidemic currently happening in the United States? If so, what steps should the government take? If not, how do you feel the problem of obesity can be addressed?

Like most things, I’m convinced there isn’t anything government can do to help.

In fact, I’ve heard repeated arguments lately that government actually caused this problem with their dietary guidelines.

Some will claim that those are there really at the behest of the grain industry.  Maybe.

No, actually not.  It’s not okay, but there’s nothing that can be done about it, now.  Locking Michelle Obama in a cage isn’t going to fix the overweight sixteen year-old that got fat eating those wonderful school lunches.

In so many instances, it is about calories consumed, primarily.

Newsflash:  portion control works.  I lost a lot of weight after my diagnosis by doing this:  1.  Eat good food.  2.  Accompany that good food with satisfying alcoholic beverages, and 3.  reducing my portion sizes.

Eat what you like.  Cut your portions in half.  If you’re still hungry after you eat the first helping, have seconds.  But cut those seconds in half, too.

I’m writing, because I intend to finish this all out.

At the same time, I’m not tweeting it (which also posts to FB).

Fuck it;  I’m done.  Between what’s happened in the past few days, and Lurch’s proposals for government fucking with the Intertubes, I’m done.

Much like Mrs. Clinton’s bit about requiring encryption backdoors, this is something that just won’t work.  Congress isn’t bright enough to understand that, but I guess if they wanna lock me in a cage, what can I do?

But my question, to many pols of both major parties, is simple:  How many people are you willing to put in prison to accomplish your goal?

Ultimately that’s what you do when you use government to accomplish your political goals.