NoJoMo 3

List some of your earliest memories. Where were you? Is there anyone who could provide clarity about them?
Memory A: I remember when the old man who lived across the street died. I remember the ambulance in their driveway. I think I would have been about two years old, living in Newport News.

Memory B: The neighbors’ dryer caught fire. My introduction to lint buildup. I don’t remember exactly how old I would have been, nor do I remember the firefighers. I do remember the burned-out hulk of a clothes dryer sitting in their backyard afterwards. Again, Newport News.

I asked my mom if she remembered either of tehse, but I don’t think she did. I suppose the things a young child focuses on could be a lot different than an adult.

Memory C: Flying to Mississippi to see my grandparents. I would have been about three or four; my younger brother was an infant. I’m relatively certain we flew USAir, whose logo was far different in 1983.

Yes, kinda short-armed this one, but there’s something big afoot.