Sixteen (8/4)

Taking a break from workie time.
This isn’t, actually, dull.  There is real team work.  Hopefully, I’m not fucking up too much.
My bit yesterday about thinking that this was the place I was supposed to be was doubly-reinforced late last night.
I received not one, but two, automatic rejection notices after these esteemed recruiters had reached out to me.
I emailed back both recruiters, saying, essentially, “yo, WTF?”
One got back to me saying that the manager had chosen not to interview me.  This was after she, and her manager, had both spoken to me to set up an interview time.
My half-asleep response:
I am angry that you would be discussing times for a phone interview with me when you hadn’t gotten me to that point.
That is unacceptable, and reflects very poorly on you, personally.  It also adds to your company’s public disrepute.
I suppose it was more polite than my initial mental response of, “hey now, go fuck yourself.”  When I mentioned her company’s disrepute, this company has a nearly-universal negative reputation.
Back in Tidewater, this company is known for pretty much ever hiring anybody full-time.  Endless contract-to-hire bits, minus the “hire” §.
Regardless, back-of-the-envelope math shows that I can probably be completely free sometime near the new year, and I won’t have to keep with this, to quote the late Wesley Willis, “demon hell ride.”
I do have something more substantial I wanted to write about tomorrow.  Clue: It enabled him to make pronouncements like, “people will die.”