NoJoMo 20

Now that you’re two-thirds of the way through, write about whatever you’d like. Will you finish this year? When have you done this previously?

You know, there’s not a lot I really want to say right now. That’s probably okay considering how few reads I’m getting. My opinion is rather unimportant, I suppose.

Most of my coworkers are confused by my facial hair this month. One of the senior NCOs did get it, however. “Movember!”

So, what else… Writing, I normally throw things into a draft message, which I can access from anywhere, and never send. If it accidentally does get sent, it goes to another of my email addresses. Not that I’m particularly trying to hide what I write (obviously, I wouldn’t be publishing it on my shitty blog, PB, if I was….), but the Intertubes are so locked down I don’t have much of a choice. I can type away as thoughts come to me.

Will I finish? Pretty sure I will, considering there’s only ten days left. I started doing this in 2010, right after I was diagnosed. Getting sick certainly helped me focus on writing again. I can sit back, shut my eyes, and pound out whatever I’m thinking. Please to be excusing the typos.

When I’ve gotte through each, I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment, I suppose. That I could still dedicate myself to something. As my health’s continued to deteriorate, that’s been important. I’m not ready to hang it all up. I think I still have places where I can contribute. Can I work like I did when I was in my twenties? No. Are there other things I prioritize? Certainly. Do I need a lot more rest than I used to? Absolutely.

And, obviously someone else thought so, too, today. I applied for a job last week. Twice referred, twice not. Nothing says sense like the Federal Government.

But I’ve written enough for today. Ten more to go.