NoJoMo 21

What are your plans for the evening following what was surely a long week? Are you satisfied with how the year went?

This week was interrupted for me by the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. No work, because I had to be near home for that.

Plans for the weekend.

1. Figure out how to get home after work.
2. Take pills
3. Get home
4. Drink aperitif.
5. Cook steak. (I’ve been informed that I am doing this tonight, so…)
6. Eat steak/drink beer.
7. Drink digestif/watch TV.
8. Husbandly duties. 🙂
9. Sleep.

The weekends sort of allow me to recuperate. The stupid burns so fucking much sometimes.

I finally got what I was working on to work. Sorta. After peeling back twenty year-old layers of brokenness.

“Do what the customer wants.”

Uh, the customer doesn’t want to get into trouble, and if you just fucking do what the customer wants, he’s going to get in trouble.

Apologies for the aside. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing Saturday, other than hitting the wine store to buy something for Thanksgiving dinner. The annual downtown lighting ceremony is that night, so I don’t think we want to be out and about. Not that I ever want to be out and about anymore, but….

And I didn’t have the part about how my year went drafted as the day passed. But, is there a more concise way of saying, “Fuck no?”