I started two days late, so I’ll write more.
My wife is off doing something or the other, and I’m waiting on calls about my many job applications, so I’ll do a second entry for today.
I don’t have anything else to do, aside from what the Japanese prepare to wipe out the Norks.
That, along with the crying about the failure of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
It’s fascinating listening to both sides’ nonsense.
Twenty million will lose insurance!
(Estimates are that something like three-quarters of those are healthy people who’ll just refuse to buy insurance because they’re young and healthy. Also, Medicaid is not insurance.)
Obamacare is in a death spiral!
(Let’s not talk about the fact that those of us forced into the private market are paying after-tax money for everything, and corporations aren’t hiring full-time employees so they can avoid paying for overpriced insurance plans…..)
So, on to the prompt.
Do you think it is ok to keep secrets in a relationship?
Wouldn’t you like to know?
(Writing that assuming I’ve got an audience, but I’m pretty sure nobody’s reading this, so….)
Snark aside, yes, I think it’s okay for minor things. I bought my wife a gift for her birthday. She can see how much the charge is on the credit card bill. She can see where I bought it. Okay, whatever.
Major stuff, on the other hand, I just don’t understand how you could keep it under wraps for a long time.
Obviously, I have a chronic health condition that at this time is incurable. (Of course, fingers crossed, etc., for an effective treatment, and nerve repair….) I told my then fiancee the doctor’s suspicion as soon as I found out. When I got the final diagnosis, I called her before I called my parents. We hadn’t married yet, so I felt like I had to give her the opportunity to choose not to go forward with it. (And she’ll be angry with me about that until she dies thinking that she might change her mind….)
An individual has to have secrets to himself. It’s a part of being human.